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WIRED scoops Scientific American on SciAm's own birthday -- happy 162nd to us!

Put up ya lighters, raise a glass of Henny, empty a clip into the night sky -- whatever it is you do when you want to party like it's 2999, 'cause the magazine that predates the American civil war, the only extant publication that used to run its own patent service, the joint that has played host to every great mind from Mark Twain to Albert Einstein to Tim Berners-Lee -- is celebrating its 162nd birthday. You should look as good at this age. Having outlived the Soviets, pet rocks and Ingmar Bergman, we're reasonably confident we'll still be covering this beat when the first baby goes home with his or her $1,000 genome, when the sea has reclaimed Miami, and when print is as dead as clay tablets. Fist-bump to fellow chroniclers of the present-as-future WIRED magazine, without whom we would have forgotten it's even our birthday: Aug. 28, 1845: Scientific American, the Magazine for the Rest of Us

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