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#SciAmBlogs Wednesday - GMO potato, cooperative genes, shark tourism, itsy bitsy spiders, magpie family, and more.


- Tiffany Stecker - You say potato, I say double stranded RNA


- Jag Bhalla - Selfish Genes Also Must Cooperate


- Psi Wavefunction - Squatters of the microbial world: foram-in-a-foram


- Brenna Schneider - An interconnected environment and economy- Shark tourism in Palau


- Becky Crew - Two new species of Chinese spider are positively weeny


- Christina Agapakis - Creation and Synthetic Biology: Book Review


- David Wogan - In Texas electrical grid, natural gas and renewables complement each other


- Khalil A. Cassimally - 3 Essential Qualities Up-and-coming Science Writers Should Develop


- Darren Naish - My local magpie family: four weeks of observation, 265 photos, and how good are the results?


- DNLee - #DispatchesDNLee: Mystery scat producer identified – African Civet


- Scicurious - Obesity and OCD: 1 + 1 = 0


- Mark Fischetti - New York City Could Look Like New Orleans, Due to Flood Protection



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