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#SciAmBlogs Tuesday – Food Matters, Food Week, farm antibiotics, socratic dialogue, wolf chorus, micronutrient deficiency, and more.


Yes, today we announced the launch of Food Matters, a group blog about food.

- Layla Eplett, Pamela Ronald, Kathleen Raven, Julianne Wyrick, Kevin Bonham, Patrick Mustain and See Arr Oh - Introducing: The Food Matters Crew


- Kathleen Raven - Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?


- Maureen Ogle - Riots, Rage, and Resistance: A Brief History of How Antibiotics Arrived on the Farm


- Anastasia Bodnar - Solutions for micronutrient deficiency


- Bora Zivkovic - Welcome Food Matters – a big new group blog at #SciAmBlogs


- Glendon Mellow - Modern Art Upsetting Your Stomach? Take a Dose of David


- Jason G. Goldman - Wolves Howl For Friends, Challenging A Popular Theory of Animal Communication


- David Wogan - Is the ‘problem’ with renewables really a lack of R&D?


- Jesse Bering - I Don’t Mean to be Forward, but Please Park on my Face?


- Christine Gorman - French Report Concludes Syrian Government Used Sarin



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