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#SciAmBlogs Thursday - science diagrams, mental illness art, beavers are fish, amphibian decline, cicadas, and more.



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- Clarissa Ai Ling Lee - The Art and Science of the Diagram: Communicating the Knowledge of the Heavens, the Earth and the Arcane, Final Part


- Donald Stedman - A new way has been found to make truck emissions testing more accurate and less costly


- Rachel Roenfeldt - Marine Protected Areas and Catalina Island: Conserve, Maintain and Enrich


- Jason G. Goldman - Once Upon A Time, The Catholic Church Decided That Beavers Were Fish


- Ferris Jabr - A Brief History of Mental Illness In Art


- John R. Platt - Amphibians in U.S. Declining at ‘Alarming and Rapid Rate’


- Dana Hunter - The Cataclysm: “From Unbaked Fragments to Vitreous Charcoal”


- Psi Wavefunction - Protist-y art continued: the protist zodiac


- Susana Martinez-Conde and Stephen L. Macknik - Illusion of the week: It Kind Of Looks Like a Building


- Alex Wild - Thrifty Thursday: A common dandelion, a common sunset, a common phone camera


- John Matson - Deciphering the Strange Mathematics of Cicadas [Video]



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