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#SciAmBlogs Wednesday – Southern Ocean, Apoptosis, Bear Trophy Hunting, Hunger, New Climate Data, and more.

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Check out the new Video of the Week.

- Jillian Keenan – Are Antarctica’s Southern Ocean Ecosystems Doomed to Death by Diplomatic Paralysis?


- Buddhini Samarasinghe – Hallmarks of Cancer 3: Evading Apoptosis


- Jason G. Goldman – How Trophy Hunting Actually Benefits Croatian Brown Bears


- Zarja Muršič – Scicurious Guest Writer! Where do hunger and cognition intersect?


- Melanie Tannenbaum – Outside the Ivory Tower: Science Writing, Social Media, and Non-Painful Networking.


- Princess Ojiaku – Video: The Scientific Power of Music


- Hilda Bastian – Dancing, sand art and science: Communication by art-y means


- Scott Huler – Back off, Texas — More NC Science Crazy


- David Wogan – When David always beats Goliath


- John Horgan – What “60 Minutes” Gets Wrong in Report on Mental Illness and Violence


- Alex Wild – A simple backlighting trick for microscope photography


- Carin Bondar – Dirty Faces, Dirty Vegetables and the Dirt on Trigonometry – BOB for September is Live!


- Bora Zivkovic – Quick update: UNESCO Belgrade, and NYTimes and Best of September at A Blog Around The Clock


- Mark Fischetti – The New Climate Data: So What?



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