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#SciAmBlogs Friday – Citizen Food Safety Project, Conservation Tillage, American Lager, Weird Deep Sea Organisms, New IPCC Report, and more.

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- Ben Chapman – The Citizen Food Safety Project


- Jag Bhalla – Words Are Thinking Tools: Praxotype


- John Cook – Turing Award genealogy


- Dana Mackenzie – A Happy Mathematical Birthday and The Talk That Wasn’t


- Markus Pössel – The creation of the Internet, privacy, and a geek joke: Interview with Vint Cerf


- Kathleen Raven – Conservation Tillage – A brief instructional video


- Kevin Bonham – Friday Happy Hour: An Introduction (American Lager)


- Jennifer Frazer – Ever Wanted to Observe and ID Weird Deep Sea Organisms? Here’s Your Chance


- Jennifer Muller – Arctic Methane: Going with the flow


- Adam Waytz – The problem with rich people and ethics


- Darren Naish – All Your Yesterdays, our new book


- Dana Hunter – The Seduction of Subduction


- Kalliopi Monoyios – Are You A Mammal? Standardized Test


- Melissa C. Lott – Photo Friday: Toledo Wind


- Bora Zivkovic – Bora’s Picks (September 27th, 2013)


- Scicurious – Friday Weird Science! Being served at bars…is not about you


- David Biello – Spot the Differences in New IPCC Report



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