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#SciAmBlogs Tuesday – Empathetic Mapping, Psychology of Freedom, Correlation Is Not Causation, Metric System, Quetzalcoatlus, Whistleblowing, Jumping Caterpillar, and more.

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- Karna Gowda – Empathetic Mapping: Redrawing Chicago to Examine School Choice


- William Skaggs – The Psychology of Freedom


- Becky Crew – Move Over, Mexican Jumping Beans – There’s a New Jumping Caterpillar in Town


- Evelyn Lamb – Sex Makes You Rich? Why We Keep Saying “Correlation Is Not Causation” Even Though It’s Annoying


- David Wogan – You know what the rest of the world has figured out? The metric system. It’s time the US got on board.


- Darren Naish – Quetzalcoatlus: the evil, pin-headed, toothy nightmare monster that wants to eat your soul


- Adam Waytz – More Questions Than Answers About Whistleblowing


- John Horgan – Why “Optogenetic” Methods for Manipulating Brains Don’t Light Me Up


- Rachel Margolese – Fuel for Thought: problem with briquettes


- Dr Rebecca Fisher – Arctic Methane: A night in Stordalen wetland, Abisko


- Dana Hunter – Dana’s Super-Awesome Mount St. Helens Field Trip Guide II: Castle Lake Viewpoint


- Brian Malow – Olinguito: New Kid on the Block


- Carin Bondar – Best of the Blogs – Summer Vacation Edition!


- DNLee – #SXSW 2014 PanelPicker is open and I’m voting for Broader STEM Engagement


- David Biello – The Climate May Be Changing, but the IPCC Remains the Same


- Arielle Duhaime-Ross – Previously Unknown Mammal Spent Decades Hiding in Plain Sight



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