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#SciAmBlogs Thursday – elephant poaching, vegetation patterns, kangaroo cancer, Silly Science, blooming Titan, and more.

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- Carolyn Jost Robinson – More than just a pretty picture: conservation and narrative in the Dzanga Bai


- Karna Gowda – Tigers in the Desert: The Mysteries of Vegetation Patterns


- Jason G. Goldman – A Kangaroo Battles Cancer


- Darren Naish – My famous duck-based rant


- Ashutosh Jogalekar – Memo to chemists: Move away from the molecule


- Robynne Boyd – The Best Protection Against Storms? Nature Herself


- Scott Barry Kaufman – Finding Creativity on IQ Tests


- David Bressan – July 18, 1635: Robert Hooke – The Last Virtuoso of Silly Science


- John Horgan – New Study of Foragers Undermines Claim That War Has Deep Evolutionary Roots


- Joanne Manaster – Hyper Earth: NASA Satellite Visualizations Create Stunning Video


- Carin Bondar – The Titan is About to Bloom!


- Dina Fine Maron – President Touts ‘Obamacare’ Benefits, Return of $504 Million to Consumers this Summer


- Mark Fischetti – Wildfires, Already Out of Control, Could Increase Sixfold


- Lee Billings – Neptune’s New Moon May Be Named after One of Sea God’s Monstrous Children



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