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#SciAmBlogs Wednesday – Lindau Nobel meeting, dementia, mesosaurs, real fruit fly, Hadfield’s book, fireworks, abalone, and more.

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- Kathleen Raven – Imaging the near invisible with TEM: a master class


- R. Douglas Fields – School Work Prevents Senile Dementia


- Ashutosh Jogalekar – Lindau 2013: Supramolecular chemistry – Moving away from synthesis and toward design and Lindau 2013: Steven Chu talks innovation, energy, climate change and awareness


- Janet D. Stemwedel – Addressing (unintended) disrespect in your professional community.


- Ilana Yurkiewicz – Watchful waiting


- Megan Herring – Southern California and Endangered Abalone Populations


- Darren Naish – The Tet Zoo guide to mesosaurs


- Maria Konnikova – The art of storytelling meets the science of autism: A conversation with Richard Panek


- Gary Stix – Got (Skim) Milk?: Maybe A Recipe for Obesity and Cancer


- David Wogan – Now is Not the Time to Gut Funding for Innovative Energy Research


- Joanne Manaster – Chris Hadfield Writes a Book: An Astronaut’s Guide to Life (on Earth)


- Alex Wild – Drosophila pseudoobscura: a model fruit fly for the real world


- Dana Hunter – So, Yeah, That’s Us in the New York Times! and Prelude to a Catastrophe and The Cataclysm: Links to Date


- DNLee – #DispatchesDNLee: I’m back in the States


- Khalil A. Cassimally – Writing is a Powerful Drug: Interviews That Will Inspire Up-And-Coming Writers


- Scicurious – What is dopamine? And Can Being a bookworm help your brain


- Bryan Bumgardner – Do Fireworks Resemble the True Sights and Sounds of the U.S.’s Key Historical Battles?


- Philip Yam – Gravity-Defying, Self-Siphoning Metal Beads Explained [Video]



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