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#SciAmBlogs Wednesday – infrared cameras, intelligent infrastructure, gumball science, toilet tech, 1903 British lynx, and more.

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- Kyle Hill – Could the Boston Bomber Have Fled From Infrared?


- Alan Woodward – Unexpected Risks Of Intelligent Infrastructure


- Jenna Finwall Ryan – Gumball Science


- Joanne Manaster – India is Drowning in its Own Excreta-Can Science and Engineering Come to the Rescue?


- John R. Platt – Satellite Reveals Possible Habitats for Rare Apes in China and Vietnam


- Darren Naish – A lynx, shot dead in England in c. 1903


- Glendon Mellow – Mash-Up This! Science Communication’s Image Problem


- Kate Clancy – Defensive Scholarly Writing and Science Communication


- Evelyn Lamb – Mathy Ladies to Follow on Twitter


- Melissa C. Lott – Solar Suitcases meet Fish with Human-Looking Teeth – Best of the Blogs, 3rd edition


- Gary Stix – Twitter Twaddle and the Psychology of Crying (Screaming) Wolf


- John Horgan – We Need a New Just-War Theory, Which Aims to End War Forever


- Susana Martinez-Conde and Stephen L. Macknik – Illusion of the Week: The World Illusion


- Scicurious – Can’t sleep? Time to snack.


- John Matson – Supernova Dust Fell to Earth in Antarctic Meteorites and NYPD Testing Airflow in Subways as a Precaution against Possible Terror Attacks


- Kate Wong – Is Australopithecus sediba the Most Important Human Ancestor Discovery Ever?



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