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#SciAmBlogs Monday – Earth Day, Fred Flintstone, Dinosaurs’ exaggerated structures, Serial Creators, Car Ownership, and more.

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As usual on Mondays, we have a brand new Image of the Week – check it out!

- Kyle Hill – The Physics of Fred Flintstone’s Flaming Feet


- Larry Brilliant and William Foege – Lessons from Smallpox Guide Polio Endgame


- Ben Thomas – Oliver Sacks Shares Tales of Musical Hallucinations


- Darren Naish – Dinosaurs and their ‘exaggerated structures’: species recognition aids, or sexual display devices?


- Scicurious – To Calm a Rat with Tickling


- Scott Barry Kaufman – Profiling Serial Creators


- Krystal D’Costa – Choice, Control, Freedom and Car Ownership


- Christina Agapakis – The Structure of Industrial Revolutions


- Jennifer Ouellette – An-Ti-Ci-Pa-Tion: The Physics of Dripping Honey and Physics Week in Review: April 20, 2013


- Becky Crew – Bluebelly Night Wanderer Found in Brazilian Blackwater


- Lucas Brouwers – How genetic plunder transformed a microbe into a pink, salt-loving scavenger


- Samuel Jones – Bush-crow diaries: The mystery of the Abyssinian Pie


- Maureen McCarthy – Chimps in Uganda: Uganda’s Other Great Apes


- Psi Wavefunction – Alien-looking termite gut denizens at the SF Exploratorium!


- David Bressan – Mother Earth


- Dana Hunter – Happy Earth Day!


- John R. Platt – When Did the Barbary Lion Really Go Extinct? and Pygmy Elephants, Asiatic Lions and Other Links from the Brink


- Hadas Shema – The Leiden University Ranking


- S.E. Gould – Lab Rat has a baby on board!


- Susana Martinez-Conde and Stephen L. Macknik – Neuroscience in Fiction: “Still Alice”, by Lisa Genova


- Alex Wild – With depth of field, more is not always better


- Mark Fischetti – Earth Day Begs the Question about the Future of Energy



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