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#SciAmBlogs Wednesday – BRAIN, Earth’s limits, supervolcanoes, human origins, painting with fish, and more.

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- Cynthia Graber – Beyond Boston: A reporter leaves home soon after the bombings and finds some solace in science


- Ramez Naam – The Limits of the Earth–Part 1: Problems


- Cadell Last – Supervolcanoes in the Ancient World


- Eric Michael Johnson – The Mosaic of Human Origins


- Becky Crew – New Skin-Feeding Amphibian Found in French Guiana


- Melissa C. Lott – The Power Is in the Data – reports reveal the status of global clean-energy transition


- Dana Hunter – Chris Rowan Writes About Iran’s Earthquakes So I Don’t Have To


- Ingrid Wickelgren – How to Make Kids Smarter—and Ease Existential Terror


- Psi Wavefunction – A happy nucleus


- Kalliopi Monoyios – Who Needs a Paintbrush When You Can Use a Dead Fish?


- Alex Wild – Snowflakes, Bias, and Science Photography


- Evelyn Lamb – Big Numbers Are Big


- Susana Martinez-Conde and Stephen L. Macknik – Illusion of the Week: Monumental Arcimboldo


- John Matson – Why It’s Better to Text Than Call in a Mass Emergency



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