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#SciAmBlogs Wednesday – T. Rex’s roar, chemophobia, Margaret Thatcher Illusion, transparent brain, and more.

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Today we have a new Video of the Week. Check it out.

- Kyle Hill – The Animals Hiding in a T. Rex’s Roar


- Dorea Reeser – Natural vs Synthetic Chemicals is a Gray Matter


- Gary Stix – Blockheads No More: New Technology Creates the See-Through Brain and New Study: Neuroscience Research Gets an “F” for Reliability


- Susana Martinez-Conde and Stephen L. Macknik – Illusion of the Week: The Margaret Thatcher Illusion – A Retrospective and Fat Tuesday: Caloric restriction’s days are numbered


- Pete Monfre – Exploration Nation: Day Two – April 5


- Robynne Boyd – My computer recharged because I wrote this blog…


- John R. Platt – The 6 Most Endangered Feline Species


- Cassie Rodenberg – Roland: Children’s Group Home to Drugs to Jail … Now What?


- Joanne Manaster – Adventures on the Alimentary Canal with Mary Roach


- Katie McKissick – The Pros and Cons of Putting Happy Faces on Molecules


- Katherine Harmon – Female Octopus Arms Reach Farther, Robot Research Group Finds [Video]


- Evelyn Lamb – Wear Your Geeky Heart on Your Sleeve, Literally


- John Horgan – Two More Reasons Why Big Brain Projects Are Premature


- Scicurious – Salt: From delicious to disgusting!


- Mariette DiChristina – Report: Digital Divide Remains Challenging for Countries to Bridge


- John Matson – More Belt-Tightening in Store for NASA as STEM Education Programs Face Consolidation



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