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#SciAmBlogs Thursday – Thor’s hammer, roots of unity, fossil cars, extinct moth, last common ancestor, hitchhiking Mars microbes, and more.

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- Kyle Hill – The God of Thunder, And Momentum


- Evelyn Lamb – What Are Roots of Unity?


- Dana Hunter – Interlude: When Vehicles Become Part of the Geologic Record


- John R. Platt – 3 British Moths Extinct; Most Other Species in Decline


- Bonnie Swoger – On Identifiers: DOI, ISBN, CASRN, SSN, ISSN, etc.


- Khalil A. Cassimally – Introducing: Ilana Yurkiewicz


- Hannah Waters – Managing Wild Cats: Additional Reading


- Jason G. Goldman – Animals That Make Believe


- Kalliopi Monoyios – The Intelligent Use of Animations


- Eric R. Olson – The Countdown, Episode 15 – Sailing on Sunlight, ‘Goldilocks’ Redefined, Supernova Outburst,Columbia‘s Worms, Spring On Mars


- Kate Wong – Meet the Last Common Ancestor of Bats, Whales, Sloths and Humans


- John Matson – Can Hitchhiking Earth Microbes Thrive on Mars?



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