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#SciAmBlogs Monday – Groundhogs, Ravens, #scio13, Tibet Yaks, end of science, addiction, Steven Chu, SciAm Cinema, and more.

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Check out a very, very special Video of the Week!

- Chris Arnade – The Real, and Simple, Equation That Killed Wall Street


- Caitlin Contag – Your Next Vacation: Quarantine on Grosse Île


- Megan Scudellari – Born Again Textbooks


- Lawrence Rifkin – Amoxicillin–Humdrum? Or Miraculous?


- Jason G. Goldman – Eight Things You Didn’t Know About Groundhogs and Six Things You Didn’t Know About Ravens, Superbowl Edition


- Melody Dye – Yet Another Harrowing Story of White Collar Addiction


- Becky Crew – How the sharksucker got its suction disc


- Krystal D’Costa – This Is Your Brain on Disney


- Ashutosh Jogalekar – Is the age of scientific genius over?


- John Horgan – Is Scientific Materialism “Almost Certainly False”? and The End of Science Bandwagon Is Getting Crowded


- John R. Platt – New Zealand Farmer Helps Save Rare Penguin from Extinction and Yaks Are Returning to Tibet, but Does Climate Change Pose Further Risks?


- Darren Naish – A new azhdarchid pterosaur: the view from Europe becomes ever more interesting and Crocodiles attack elephants


- Psi Wavefunction – The beauty of sewage


- David Bressan – Geomorphologic Groundhog Day


- Anne-Marie Hodge – Laikipia Plateau: I have arrived


- Katie Worth – Step into the Twilight Zone: Day 1


- Malcolm Clark – Kermadec Trench: The Cosmopolitan Rattail and Kermadec Trench: Like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle…


- Alan Jamieson – Kermadec Trench: The deep-water womble and Kermadec Trench: A Turn for the Worse


- S.E. Gould – The Carnival of Evolution: World Travel Edition!


- Dana Hunter – A Survivor’s Tale: “Half the mountain exploding over our heads”


- Cassie Rodenberg – Speedballing: Why Crack Cocaine and Heroin are Mixed


- Anna Kuchment – Students with Autism Gravitate Toward STEM Majors


- DNLee – #Scio13 Diversity Session: North Carolina offers support to LGBT students and Black Family Awareness Week celebrates STEM achievement and interests during Black History Month


- Scicurious – Scicurious Guest Writer! Sleight of Hand, Sleight of Mind: Illusions, Delusions and the Immune System and Friday Weird Science: Sperm trading and Scio13 WrapUp: Blogging for the Long Haul


- Kate Clancy – Diversity in Science Carnival: Identity Edition


- Khalil A. Cassimally – Astrobites: Students Making Astrophysics Accessible and Khalil’s Picks (1 February 2013)


- Glendon Mellow – SciArt at ScienceOnline 2013 – the Digital Gallery and Want to find more artists, ScienceOnline?


- Kalliopi Monoyios – One Man’s Poo is Another Man’s PhD


- Melissa C. Lott – Fuel Cell Vehicles Coming Off the Bench? Maybe. Maybe Not. and Aiming High – Secretary Chu Leaving Energy Department


- David Wogan – Housekeeping note on comments


- Kelly Oakes – What Voyager saw: a journey in photographs #scio13


- Jennifer Ouellette – Quantum Shorts: Winners of the 2012 Competition


- Carin Bondar – Wild Sex Season 2 Starts off with a Bang (Pun Intended)… and Welcome to SciAm Cinema! A New Monthly Video Series at Scientific American


- Joanne Manaster – Cyberscreen Film Festival Winners (in Brief) and Acoustically Levitating Caprese Salad


- Bora Zivkovic – Best of January at A Blog Around The Clock


- Larry Greenemeier – Scientists Use 3-D Printer to Speed Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research


- Michael Moyer – Watch this Amazing 12-Year-Old Launch a Hello Kitty into Space


- Mariette DiChristina – President Obama Awards National Medals of Science and Technology at the White House


- David Biello – What Will Steven Chu’s Energy Legacy Be?



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