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#SciAmBlogs Wednesday – Camel milk, Brain-Controlled Prosthetics, ScienceOnline history, #overlyhonestmethods, and more.

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As it is Wednesday, we have a new Video of the Week.

- Layla Eplett – Exploring the DromeDairy: Camels and Their Milk


- Ashutosh Jogalekar – Virtual shock


- Bora Zivkovic – ScienceOnline – crossing a river with Anton Zuiker


- Janet D. Stemwedel – Reasonably honest impressions of #overlyhonestmethods.


- Kara Manke – “Communicating Science” Workshop


- Kalliopi Monoyios – The SciArt Buzz: Science art on exhibit in Jan/Feb 2013


- Gary Stix – Action Plan: Making Brain-Controlled Prosthetics That Can Open a Clothespin


- Joanne Manaster – Death Valley Dreamlapse


- DNLee – Love & Lust in the Animal Kingdom presented by the NY Academy of Sciences


- Scicurious – Is silent reading really “silent”? Not to your brain, it’s not!


- Katherine Harmon – Research into Contagious Bird Flu Starts After Moratorium



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