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#SciAmBlogs – the New Year edition!

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- Elaine Schattner – Hillary Clinton, Hospitalized with a Blood Clot, Faces New Decisions


- Rob Dunn – Eleven Ways to Avoid Answering a Question: A Year in Review


- Christie Wilcox – Expensive Organs: Guppies Reveal The Cost Of Big Brains and Science Sushi: 2012 in Review


- Jennifer Frazer – Take This Shell and Shove It: The Mollusk That Became a Worm


- Ashutosh Jogalekar – Computational research in the era of open access: Standards and best practices and Energy drinks: Glorified caffeine delivery systems?


- Darren Naish – Life and times of the wild Axolotl and Mysteries of the diceratheriine rhinos


- Hannah Waters – Don’t Talk About Your New Year’s Resolutions


- Hadas Shema – What’s wrong with citation analysis?


- Maria Konnikova – Sherlock Holmes, the mindful detective


- Ingrid Wickelgren and Maria Konnikova – How to Think Like Sherlock Holmes: The Value of Creativity and Imagination [Excerpt]


- Cassie Rodenberg – Addiction on the Streets: Frequently Asked Questions and Neecy: The Attitude Toward Relapse on the Streets


- Katherine Harmon – Octopuses Feast On Florida’s Stone Crab Straight from Traps


- Kate Clancy – Will the Pill Mess Up My Ability to Detect My One True Love?


- Alex Wild – Compound Eye Readers’ Best Science and Nature Photographs of 2012 and My personal best photographs of 2012 and Recipe for a Photograph #1: Reflected Ant on Black and Thrifty Thursday: Pro Photographer vs. Buzz Lightyear Camera


- Joanne Manaster – My Favorite Science (or Marginally Science Themed) Videos from 2012 and Scientists Use Cells to Fold Origami


- Carin Bondar – Always a Bridesmaid: The Top 5 Overshadowed Science Stories of 2012


- John R. Platt – Fewer Manatee Deaths in 2012, but Threats Remain


- Jennifer Ouellette – Pop Goes the New Year: Popover Science


- Scott Huler – The Plugged-In Library of the Future and Tweeting to Save the Day


- Robert Fares – Could Transformer-level Batteries Shield the Grid from the Next Super Storm?


- David Wogan – How North Korea Fuels Its Military Trucks With Trees


- Gary Stix – Levi-Montalcini, A Giant of Neuroscience Leaves a Living Legacy


- DNLee – Celebrating New Year with age-old traditions


- Caleb A. Scharf – So You’re a Scientist Wanting to Write a Popular Science Book?


- Khalil A. Cassimally – Khalil’s Picks (4 January 2013)


- Psi Wavefunction – Bicosoeca — flagellate in a wineglass


- Kevin Zelnio – Moving On


- Dana Hunter – Twelve – Okay, Eight – Months of Rosetta Stones, Plus Reader Extras


- Scicurious – Friday Weird Science: Give your kindle that old-book smell! and Happy New Years!!!


- John Matson – Top 10 Space Stories of 2012


- Larry Greenemeier – Consumer Electronics Show (CES) Preview: Apps Replace Operating Systems


- Katherine Harmon – Did Human Ancestors “Walk” Up Trees? [Video] and How Corn Syrup Might Be Making Us Hungry–and Fat and Growth Factor: How Bacterial Infections Persist Through Antibiotics [Video] and DUD: The Nightmarish Dangers of Drowsy Driving



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