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#SciAmBlogs Thursday – New Chimp Species, Hellbenders, Clinical Trial Suicide, Weirdo Ediacarans, Driving Dogs, and more.

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- David Pisetsky – Science at the (Baseball) Plate


- Cadell Last – Are Western Chimpanzees a New Species of Pan?


- Jennifer Frazer – Were Weirdo Ediacarans Really Lichens, Fungi, and Slime Molds?


- Jason G. Goldman – What Is Operant Conditioning? (and How Does It Explain Driving Dogs?)


- Maria Konnikova – The beautiful fragility of language


- Judy Stone – A Clinical Trial and Suicide Leave Many Questions: Part 2: Investigator Responsibilities


- Dana Hunter – The Cataclysm: “That Whole Mountain Range Had Just Exploded”


- Becky Crew – Endangered eastern hellbenders bred in captivity for first time


- Glendon Mellow – Inspiring New Realities – James Gurney Interview


- Darren Naish – Nasalis among the odd-nosed colobines or The “Nasalis Paradox” (proboscis monkeys part II)


- Melissa C. Lott and Ian Kalin – The Next “GPS” of Data?


- DNLee – Hip Hop Evolution Files: What’s so special about tight vaginas?


- Caleb A. Scharf – Astrobiology Roundup II


- John Matson – Relative Masses of 7-Billion-Year-Old Protons and Electrons Confirmed to Match Those of Today’s Particles


- Mark Fischetti – New U.S. Commission Would Try to Improve Weather Forecasting


- Eric R. Olson – The Countdown, Episode 11 – Ticket to the Moon, Earth at Night, Ebb and Flow, Mayan Unpocalypse, Green Bean Galaxies



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