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#SciAmBlogs Wednesday – Dog Play, Jellyfish Sting, Scientific Aesthetics, Personalized Medicine, Zooniverse, Cities at Night, and more.

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There is a new Video of the Week for your pleasure.

- Julie Hecht – How Do You Play with Your Dog?


- Chris Leamon – Advancing the Promise of Personalized Medicine: Companion Diagnostics


- Christie Wilcox – Don’t Pee On It: Zinc Emerges As New Jellyfish Sting Treatment


- Christina Agapakis – Scientific Aesthetics


- Hannah Waters – The Best Way to Procrastinate in the Zooniverse


- David Wogan – Cities at night – learning about cities from a different perspective


- Carin Bondar – ASAP Science: Fun, Informative and Extremely Successful


- Alex Wild – The Case of the Lopsided Spider


- DNLee – Wordless Wednesday: Rats En Route — Update (don’t celebrate yet)


- Scicurious – Book Review: This is Improbable



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