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#SciAmBlogs Tuesday – Biosphere 2, Seroquel Suicide, Conifer Evolution, Cave Weta, Wireless EV Charging, Hobbit, and more.

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- Susan Swanberg – Rock Tasting at Biosphere 2


- Judy Stone – A Clinical Trial and Suicide Leave Many Questions: Part 1: Consent?


- Jennifer Frazer – Pesky Glaciers and Differing Geography Forced Faster Conifer Evolution in Northern Hemisphere


- Janet D. Stemwedel – Are scientists obligated to call out the bad work of other scientists? (A thought experiment)


- John R. Platt – Newly Discovered Cave Weta Species Endangered by Coal Mining


- Scott Huler – Wireless EV Charging: But It Still Won’t Fit in Your Pocket


- Amanda Netburn – The San Diego Coastal Expedition: Zonation Zombies: Part 1 – The Seafloor Animals


- DNLee – The complicated relationship of Economics & Education and how we conflate race & class issues in the United States


- Joanne Manaster – High Speed Video Reveals How Meteor and Missile Impacts Transfer Energy Via Sand and Dirt Grains


- Ingrid Wickelgren – On TV, Ray Kurzweil Tells Me How to Build a Brain


- Dana Hunter – Tuesday Tune: “Pompeii”


- Kalliopi Monoyios – The SciArt Buzz is Back! December 2012


- Darren Naish – All Yesterdays: Unique and Speculative Views of Dinosaurs and Other Prehistoric Animals – the book and the launch event


- Kate Wong – Reconstructed Face of Extinct “Hobbit” Species Is Startlingly Humanlike



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