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#SciAmBlogs Tuesday – Bruised Batman, gender bias in science, cigarettes as parasite deterrents, Ethiopian Lions, Voyager 1, and more.

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Plus, we have the new Image of the Week

- E. Paul Zehr – Bumps and Bruises from Bruce to Batman, and Beyond


- James M. Gentile – Gender Bias And The Sciences: Facing Reality


- Hannah Waters – Cigarette Butts in Nests Deter Bird Parasites


- John R. Platt – DNA Reveals the Last 20 Ethiopian Lions Are Genetically Distinct


- Alex Wild – This Steampunk Ant is Transformative


- Dana Hunter – Interview Madness I, In Which I Perform Reflection Seismology on Chris Rowan


- DNLee – 5 Fun Educational Gift Ideas for Holiday Toy Drives


- Scicurious – Sci’s going to Philadelphia! You should too!


- John Matson – Despite Tantalizing Hints, Voyager 1 Has Not Crossed into the Interstellar Medium



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