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#SciAmBlogs Monday – Near Death experience, Newton of Neuroscience, Higgs depression, Voyager 1, the pH scale, and more.

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- Kyle Hill – The Death of “Near Death”: Even If Heaven is Real, You Aren’t Seeing It


- Glenn Starkman – At CERN: Down in the mouth in paradise


- Scicurious – Does Neuroscience need a Newton?


- Kelly Oakes – Voyager 1 is still not out of the solar system


- S.E. Gould – What makes things acid: The pH scale


- Darren Naish – Alien Investigations and the Montauk Monster


- DNLee – The Intersection of Culture and Science – Hip Hop, Feminism, Sex, & Sexual Selection


- Bora Zivkovic – Introducing: Michael Grisafe


- Bora Zivkovic – Best of November at A Blog Around The Clock


- Philip Yam – Want a Free Scientific American Subscription? Enter Our Iron Egghead Video Contest



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