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#SciAmBlogs Friday – used toilet paper collection, college football rankings, plant paleoart, Mendeley, Thanksgiving for addicts, and more.

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- Rob Dunn – Giving Thanks: Scientists Seek World Record for Most Pieces of Used Toilet Paper Collected


- David Bressan – Plant Paleoart Through the Ages


- Cassie Rodenberg – I Invited Homeless Addicts to My House for Thanksgiving Dinner


- Kevin Zelnio – Wild Sex Matters


- Hadas Shema – Interview with Dr. Victor Henning, Mendeley


- Darren Naish – The All Yesterdays Launch Event


- Khalil A. Cassimally – Khalil’s Picks (23 November 2012)


- Jason G. Goldman – You’re Not As Special As You Think


- Evelyn Lamb – Statistician Creates Alternate Model for College Football Rankings



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