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#SciAmBlogs Thursday – Fungal Meningitis, Science of Swords, Good Cholesterol, Gay Penguins, Bjork Geology, Canine Scientists, and more.

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We have a new Video Of The Week today. Also, I cannot guarantee I will post the evening linkfest tomorrow or will have to wait till Saturday instead.

- Judy Stone – Elections Have Consequences: Fungal Meningitis and Compounding Pharmacies


- Charles Q. Choi – The Science of Swords: The Sound of Approaching Doom


- Ilana Yurkiewicz – Modern medical terms are still named after Nazi doctors. Can we change it?


- Dana Hunter – The Cataclysm: “A Sudden Exposure of Volatile Material”


- Norman C.W. Wong – How to make ‘Good Cholesterol’ work to reverse heart disease.


- John R. Platt – Controversial Toronto Zoo Penguins Not Gay after All?


- Christie Wilcox – Advice for grad students: own it.


- Glendon Mellow – Children Exploding Out of Stars


- Darren Naish – Hammer-toothed skink SMASH!


- Ferris Jabr – Geology Porn: The Science and Art of Bjork’s “Mutual Core” Music Video


- Joanne Manaster – OTC HIV Testing Kit Hits Shelves in the US and Hard Science is Going to the Dogs


- Katherine Harmon – Print It: 3-D Bio-Printing Makes Better Regenerative Implants and Parasitic Worm Eggs Ease Intestinal Ills by Changing Gut Macrobiota


- Kate Wong – Human Ancestors Made Deadly Stone-Tipped Spears 500,000 Years Ago


- Eric R. Olson – The Countdown, Episode 9 – The Real Planet Krypton, Sandy by Satellite, Smartphone Tricorder, Printing Rockets, Habitable Super-Earth?



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