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#SciAmBlogs Wednesday – belly button bacteria, Proposition 37, blogging in French, 3D printing, Nate Silver’s math, and more.

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And we have a new Video of the Week!

- Rob Dunn – After Two Years Scientists Still Can’t Solve Belly Button Mystery, Continue Navel-Gazing


- Christie Wilcox – Prop 37 Loses, Scientists Cheer


- Jennifer Ouellette – Why Math is Like the Honey Badger: Nate Silver Ascendant


- Gary Stix – 3D Printing: The Great American Tchotchke Machine


- Pascal Lapointe – Are you blogging en français?


- DNLee – Wordless Wednesday: The New Face of STEM


- Scicurious – Cocaine and Ministrokes


- David Biello – Climate Change Action and More Drilling Likely in Obama’s Second Term


- Kate Wong – Oldest Arrowheads Hint at How Modern Humans Overtook Neandertals



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