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#SciAmBlogs Monday – Spade-toothed whale, unnatural selection, Death with Dignity, pigeon milk, Washoe, Sandy, and more.

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- Laura Jane Martin – The death of natural selection


- Ilana Yurkiewicz – Support for Massachusetts Death with Dignity: what 14 years of data show us


- S.E. Gould – How to milk a pigeon


- Maureen McCarthy – Chimps in Uganda: Lessons from Washoe


- Becky Crew – World’s rarest whale seen for first time: Spade-toothed whale


- John R. Platt – Amazing: Rarest Whale Seen for First Time in History, but Not at Sea


- Melissa C. Lott – Video: What does NYC’s carbon footprint “look” like?


- Bora Zivkovic – No rats in Ryder Alley


- Darren Naish – The Great Dinosaur Art Event of 2012


- Anna Kuchment – Kids’ Science Books For Stormy Weather


- Dana Hunter – “Nothing Lasts, Eternal”


- Christie Wilcox – Taking Einstein’s Advice


- Scicurious – Friday Weird Science: Are you getting bigger? Or is your tie retracting?


- Janet D. Stemwedel – DonorsChoose Science Bloggers for Students 2012: helping classrooms in the aftermath of Super-storm Sandy.


- Katherine Harmon – Newer Docs Might Be Driving Up Health Care Costs and How Computational Models Are Improving Medicine [Video]


- Christine Gorman – New York City Marathon Runs Anyway


- Larry Greenemeier – Election 2012: Sandy Prompts N.J. to Extend E-Mail Voting


- John Matson – Astronomers Spot Most Distant Supernova Yet


- Eric R. Olson – The Countdown, Episode 8 – Hurricane Syzygy, Ancient Starlight, Vesta Mystery, Superluminous Supernovae, ‘Hawaiian’ Soil on Mars



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