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#SciAmBlogs Monday – #Frankenstorm #Sandy, Doomsday, surviving Dinosauroids, earthquake mythology, alcoholism, lung bacteria, and more.

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- Daisy Yuhas, Marissa Fessenden and Mollie Bloudoff-Indelicato – The Science of Hurricane Sandy Liveblog


- David Biello – Update: Hurricane Sandy Hits U.S. East Coast, What You Need to Know


- Scott Huler – The Name of the Wind


- Alex Wild – A Field Guide to Hurricane Photography


- Darren Naish – Dinosauroids revisited, revisited


- Psi Wavefunction – Mystery Micrograph revived, v2.0 chapter 1


- Ilana Yurkiewicz – Doctors versus “Big Pharma”: is it justifiable to judge research by its authors?


- S.E. Gould – The changing microflora of bacteria in the lungs


- David Bressan – An Essential Field Guide to North American Earthquake Beasts


- Jennifer Ouellette – Revisiting Doomsday at the LHC and Genie in a Bottle: The Case Against Cold Fusion


- Scicurious – Alcoholism and Social Exclusion


- Cassie Rodenberg – Artist Draws Self Portraits for Dozens of Drugs. Good or Bad?


- DNLee – African Giant Pouched Rats as Invasive Species: Ecological, Agricultural and Public Health Threats



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