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Open Laboratory 2013 – submissions so far

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Only about a week till the 2012 edition is out! Mark your calendars for September 18th! The 2012 edition can now be pre-ordered at and Amazon UK.

If you are in NYC on September 18th, join us for an informal reading and signing at the #NYCSciTweetup.

You can buy the last five annual collections here. You can read Prefaces and Introductions to older editions here.

The submission form for the 2013 edition of Open Lab is now open. Any blog post written since October 1, 2011 is eligible for submission. We will close the form on October 1st, 2012.

We accept essays, stories, poetry, cartoons/comics, and original art.

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3 Quarks Daily (Julia Galef): My Little Pony: Reality is Magic!

The II-I- blog: We, the pioneers.
The II-I- blog: The Great Revolution

A Blog Around The Clock: The New Meanings of How and Why in Biology?
A Blog Around The Clock: #scio12: Multitudes of Sciences, Multitudes of Journalisms, and the Disappearance of the Quote.
A Blog Around The Clock: Books: ‘Reinventing Discovery: The New Era of Networked Science’ by Michael Nielsen
A Blog Around The Clock: Myths about myths about Thanksgiving turkey making you sleepy

A Hippo on Campus: Why men don’t listen and women are great at maths

A Schooner of Science: Fever dreams – the true tale of Richard Spruce
A Schooner of Science: The Brewer’s Yoke, the Domestication of Microbes

Addiction Inbox: Reward and Punish: Say Hello to Dopamine’s Leetle Friend
Addiction Inbox: Army Doctor Sees Victory, and a Dangerous Drug Bites the Dust—Almost.
Addiction Inbox: Night Owls Get a Coffee Break
The New Highs: Are Bath Salts Addictive?
Addiction Inbox: The Summer Olympics and the “War on Doping”

Aetiology: Obstetric fistula as a neglected tropical disease

Almost Diamonds: About Those Gay Homophobes
Almost Diamonds: Writing Fiction with Science: Pedophilia
Almost Diamonds: About That Evo Psych Polygamy Stuff

Anole Annals: If You Want A Lizard To Run Fast, Yell At It

Anthropology in Practice: Beware: The Ides Have Come. No, Really. This Time It’s True.

Artologica: From the Cells to the stars

Au Science Mag: Geomagnetic Reversals – the end of the world?
Au Science Mag: Homeopathy and Medical Ethics – Aberdeen Skeptics in the Pub

Australian Science Magazine: Here be Dragons
Australian Science Magazine: Networking the Solar System
Australian Science Magazine: Saving Australia’s Koalas
Australian Science Magazine: The clues to human uniqueness
Australian Science Magazine: Plastics Make it… Problematic
Australian Science Magazine: Who Doesn’t Love a (Penguin) Parade?

Beach Chair Scientist: An important call for more forage fish to remain in the sea
Beach Chair Scientist: Dear Online Science Writing Community: A reminder for ‘call to actions’ because your perspective is priceless
Beach Chair Scientist: No balloons at the celebration for the Beach Chair Scientist …
Beach Chair Scientist: Playing well with others? Dissecting the tension between the scientist-educator community

Beaker: Rare bone disorder reveals new insights into autism
Beaker: What would Nature do?

Beatrice the Biologist: How the Brain Works (cartoon)
Beatrice the Biologist: Amoeba Hugs (cartoon)
Beatrice the Biologist: Single Cell is Just Fine, Thank You (cartoon)
Beatrice the Biologist: Why You Should Finish Antibiotics (cartoon)

Big in Science: Blood-Clot Busting Nanoparticles

Biobabel: On Transposable Elements and Regulatory Evolution

Biocreativity: 2012 Darwin Day Portrait Project
Biocreativity: ECO Art + Science: Sculpture of Ecologist Gary Grossman
Biocreativity: ECO Art + Science: Photographs + Blog of Ecologist Margaret Siple
Biocreativity: ECO Art + Science: Scientific Illustrator Emily M. Eng
Biocreativity: ECO Art + Science: Nature Illustrator Stephanie van Ryzin
Biocreativity: ECO Art + Science Series: Metalsmith + Entomology Enthusiast Charity Hall
Biocreativity: ECO Art + Science Series: The Sustainable Art of Emily Bryant
Biocreativity: Eco Art + Science Series: The Inked Animals of Adam Cohen + Ben Labay

Biodiversity in Focus: The Good, the Bad, and the Zombees
Biodiversity in Focus: Twitter for Scientists (and why you should try it) (#ScienceShare)
Biodiversity in Focus: Dipterist Files – Willi Hennig
Biodiversity in Focus: Citations, Social Media & Science
Biodiversity in Focus: New species wants you to See No Weevil

Body Horrors: Buzz Kill: Blood-Borne Disease Transmission at the Hajj
Body Horrors: Herpes Gladiatorum: Full Contact Infectious Diseases
Body Horrors: TB or Not TB: The Weirdness that is Extra-Pulmonary Tuberculosis
Body Horrors: Of Warts & Men: Meat-Handlers Infected with Human Papillomavirus 7
Body Horrors: Man’s Best Friend, the Turkana Tribe & a Gruesome Parasite
Body Horrors: Chronicle of a Death Foretold: Human Sentinels for Disease Outbreaks

Bones Don’t Lie: Choice of Wood in Cremation Pyres

The Bug Chicks (Michael Barton): A taste for collecting beetles is some indication of future success in life!

Bug Girl’s Blog: How to get free media coverage for a bogus beehive design
Bug Girl’s Blog: Transcript of my ESA talk about Social Media

Byte Size Biology: The Search for Small finds Life on a Gradient
Byte Size Biology: So what’s new with humans?
Byte Size Biology: Using phylogenetics to reconstruct a 59 million year old drug
Byte Size Biology: Life is short
Byte Size Biology: The Origin of Gender Symbols in Biology

Cedar’s Digest: Purple Doesn’t Exist: Some thoughts on Male Privilege and Science Online

The Cellular Scale: The “Human Neuron”, not so special after all?
The Cellular Scale: Plant Neurons? Sensation and action in the Venus Flytrap

CENtral Science IYC 2011: Chemistry Carnival: Your Favorite Chemical Reactions!

Chemjobber: How do institutions change? Not easily
Chemjobber: Ozymandias, senior med chemist (poem)
Chemjobber: Why choose a Ph.D. in chemistry? A response to @DocFreeride

Chimeras: Another genetic puzzle: why is mitochondrial DNA only inherited from the mother’s side?

Cocktail Party Physics: The Science of Mysteries: Of Granular Material and Singing Sands
Cocktail Party Physics: Taster’s Choice: Why I Hate Raw Tomatoes and You Don’t
Cocktail Party Physics: The Science of Mysteries: Leave Us the Counterpoint
Cocktail Party Physics: Make Us Do the Math
Cocktail Party Physics: Knowing When To Fold ‘Em: The Science of Poker

Contagions: Mapping Malaria in Anglo-Saxon England
Contagions: Did India and China Escape the Black Death?

Context and Variation: Vaginal pH Redux: Broader Perspectives on Douching, Race… and Lime Juice
Context and Variation: It’s Camping Season, Don’t Forget to Menstruate! Or, Man the Hunter and Woman the Menstruator
Context and Variation: Here is Some Legitimate Science on Pregnancy and Rape
Context and Variation: What Do You Do When There is No Best Dataset? A follow-up on pregnancy and rape statistics

Cosmic Variance (Sean Carroll): Everything is Connected

Cosmology Science Blog: Cosmic Microwave Angular Resolution Surprise
Cosmology Science Blog: Not Sure about Uncertainty ;-)
Cosmology Science: Did CERN Find a Higgs ? Well not quite. But they probably found a New Particle ! and extended their funding for years
Cosmology Science: Electron No Longer a Fundamental Particle
Cosmology Science: Oldest Spiral galaxy BX442 supports Hubble’s belief: Redshift does not mean expansion

Counterbalanced: Problems in the neurozone

Curiouser and Curiouser: James Randi: An Honest Liar
Curiouser and Curiouser: On Stanislaw Burzynski, the Streisand Effect, and Standing Up for Skeptical Bloggers
Curiouser and Curiouser: On Codes of Conduct, Part II
Curiouser and Curiouser: Mythbusting Makeup: Skepticism and Cosmetic Claims

The Curious Wavefunction: The unstoppable Moore hits the immovable Eroom

Deep Politics: SmartMeters Facilitate Cyber War Against US

Deep Sea News (Miriam Goldstein): Three Ways of Looking at the Great Pacific Garbage Patch
Deep Sea News (Craig McClain): How presidential elections are impacted by a 100 million year old coastline
Deep Sea News (Miriam Goldstein): A wicked bad idear: National Geographic hunts bluefin tuna for entertainment and Eating Wicked Tuna: A marine scientist tries to figure out what the heck is going on fused into a single post.
Deep Sea News (Alistair Dove): On common names
Deep Sea News (Kevin Zelnio): #IamScience: Embracing Personal Experience on Our Rise Through Science
Deep Sea News (Alistair Dove): No fish is an island
Deep Sea News (Craig McClain): What knowledge of the deep sea tell us about life on other planets
Deep Sea News (Alistair Dove): A (fetid) river runs through it, the Brooklyn edition
Deep Sea News (Alexis Rudd): True Confessions of a Dolphin-Loving Marine Biologist
Deep Sea News (Craig McClain): Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow
Deep Sea News (Craig McClain and Alistair Dove): James Cameron’s Deep Sea Challenge: a scientific milestone or rich guy’s junket?

Deep Thoughts and Silliness: The Problems of Interpreting Data

The definitive host: The Deepest Blue

The Demarcationproblem: What chronic stress does to your immune system (cartoon)

Denim and Tweed: Baby steps versus long jumps: The “size” of evolutionary change, and why it matters
Denim and Tweed: Is corn the new milk? Evolutionarily speaking, that is.
Denim and Tweed: Evolutionary psychology: A dialogue

Dilworth Design: If it Moves – We Can Improve It: How Japan Can Stop Dumping Radioactive Water in Our Ocean
Dilworth Design: If it Moves – We Can Improve It: Can you Shoot an Arrow Backwards – into Space?

DiverseScholar: #SCIO12 Policy Report: Academia is Productive but Messy – Effects on (Mis)Communication

Dog Spies: Oh, hello! Why yes, that’s my crotch! (Part 1)
Dog Spies: Why is a stranger’s crotch more interesting than mine? (Part 2)

Double X Science (Jeanne Garbarino): Pregnancy 101: The science behind the wand of destiny
Double X Science (Jeanne Garbarino): Pregnancy 101: Fertilization is another way to come together during sex
Double X Science (Jeanne Garbarino): Pregnancy 101: On the cervical mucus plug and why I’ve never been more happy to hold something so disgusting in my hand
Double X Science (Jeanne Garbarino): Pregnancy 101: Peas made me puke, but not just in the morning
Double X Science (Jeanne Garbarino): Pregnancy 101: My placenta looked like meatloaf, but I wasn’t about to eat it.
Double X Science (Jeanne Garbarino): Shmeat and Potatoes: The dinner of the future?

Elemental: Is Arsenic the Worst Chemical in the World?
Elemental: The Arsenic Diet
Elemental: The Curious Case of the Poisoned Cows

Empirical Zeal: The crayola-fication of the world: How we gave colors names, and it messed with our brains (part I)
Empirical Zeal: The crayola-fication of the world: How we gave colors names, and it messed with our brains (part II)

Endless Forms Most Beautiful: The Wool of Snowfall
Endless Forms Most Beautiful: Exploring the Mind of the Mountain Gorilla

Eruptions: Looking Back at the 1982 eruption of El Chichón in Mexico
Eruptions: The Mysterious Missing Eruption of 1258 A.D.

ESC Blog: Cool Insect Viruses

EvoEcoLab: The Message Reigns Over the Medium
EvoEcoLab: Trying to Catch His Breath With a Hole-Ridden Safety Net

F**k Yeah Molecular Biology: Evolution By Natural Selection: Building My Own Genetic Algorithm

The Febrile Muse: Inflammatory Language No 1. The ongoing cycle

From The Lab Bench: Google Search Engine Software goes ‘Chemistry’
From The Lab Bench: Old News for Carbon Dioxide, New Threats for Climate Change
From The Lab Bench: A Planet Under Pressure, and Why Gender Matters
From The Lab Bench: Putting the ‘Fear’ in Climate Change
From The Lab Bench: The Nature of Learning, or the Learning of Nature?
From The Lab Bench: Climate Change Communicators Should Listen to the Public
From The Lab Bench: Melancholia and the ‘Dance of Death’
From The Lab Bench: Bubbles for Life
From The Lab Bench: Manufactured Landscapes
From The Lab Bench: A Trip Into the Swamps

Gaines, on Brains: Seeing into the future? The neuroscience of déjà vu
Gaines, on Brains: Using psychology to silence your enemies: the speech-jammer gun
Gaines, on Brains: My Neuron (poem)
Gaines, on Brains: Turning trauma into story: the benefits of journaling

Galileo’s Pendulum: If You Love a Flower Found on a Star

Gene Expression: White supremacy and white privilege; same coin

Genetic Linkage: If “Fifty Shades of Grey” Had Been Written by a Biology Textbook Author

GeoSphere: The Art of Geology

The “Germ Guy” Blog: Confessions of a Mercurial Microbiologist: From Germ Guy to Monsieur Microbes…

Girl Meets Whiskey: Why I Still Really Like Jonah Lehrer
Girl Meets Whiskey: DNA: Database of the New Age

Grad Life: Post-doc testimonials on getting a tenure-track job

Great Belt Research Cruise: Day 15: Cruel Summer

Green Tea and Velociraptors: What is a Fossil Species..?
Green tea and Velociraptors: Dinosaurs: Then and Now

Happy Science: Eating More Chocolate Makes You Skinny
Happy Science: Negative Calorie Food: Science Myths and Legends
Happy science: What Does a Biologist Do All Day?

The Happy Scientist: Teach It Right the First Time.

The Haystack: How Jagabandhu Das made dasatinib possible
The Haystack: On Birth Control,“Plan B,” and…Batman
The Haystack: Biogen Idec Reveals Clinical Data for (Really) Small Oral MS Drug BG-12
The Haystack: Tetrodotoxin: Why Toxic Is Complicated

Huffington Post Education (Nicholas Warner): In Defense of Algebra

ICBS Everywhere: Science and Spin Are Very Bad Bedfellows
ICBS Everywhere: Are Atheists More Compassionate or Prosocial Than Highly Religious People?

I’m a chordata, Urochordata!: A Vision for the Future of Scholarly Publishing
I’m a chordata, Urochordata!: Diversity Loss v. Environmental Change: The Story of the Paper

Inspiring Science: Five common biology myths (or “Science in the service of the anthropocentric patriarchy”)
Inspiring Science: How does an ant colony coordinate its behaviour?
Inspiring Science: Natural selection: selfish genes & emergent properties
Inspiring Science: Book review: Constructing A Language
Inspiring Science: We still don’t know how birds navigate

In the Company of Plants and Rocks: Taxonomy of Agaves and Vino-mezcal

io9 (Maria Konnikova): What Happens When Alice and Anti-Alice Meet? (A Celebration of Lewis Carroll’s 180th Birthday)
io9 (Annalee Newitz): You are bitching about the wrong things when you read an article about science

Iqsoft science blog: Dilemma

Itsy bitsy beetle: The Lone Lizard Beetle Fungus Farmer

Just Like Cooking: Petition Expedition – Cancer in Laundry Detergent?
Just Like Cooking: This Just In – File Under ‘Huge Marine Polyethers’
Just Like Cooking: Did Someone Say Pink Slime?
Just Like Cooking: hERG: Legs, Drugs, and Heartbeats
Just Like Cooking: Super Tasters and Smells in Space
Just Like Cooking: The Chemistry Popularity Conundrum
Just Like Cooking: Sunscreen Chemophobia: Oxybenzone
Just Like Cooking: Chemistry Words, with Friends
Just Like Cooking: Friday Fun – Lab Arts-n-Crafts
Just Like Cooking: Arsenic Life Wrap-Up: The Good, the ‘Not-So-Good’
Just Like Cooking: Calimari Calligraphy: Same Ink, 160 Million Years Later

Katatrepsis: Why are there imperfect mimics?

KatiePhD: What exactly is a genetically modified plant?
KatiePhD: The Trouble with Teeth…
KatiePhD: Pain-free but itchy: Morphine’s alter ego

LabHomepage: Getting in on the ‘what they think’ meme

Lab Rat: Pathogens that feed off human blood

Last Word on Nothing (Sally Adee): Better Living Through Electrochemistry
Last Word on Nothing (Christie Aschwanden): What beer and running taught me about science (part 1 of 2) and/or Life without beer: part 2 of my beer & running science experiment
Last Word On Nothing (Christie Aschwanden): The mundaneness of science
Last Word On Nothing (Virginia Hughes): Galápagos Monday: When Conservation Means Killing
Last Word on Nothing (Cameron Walker): Auditing Astronomy Class
Last Word on Nothing (Cassandra Willyard): Embracing My Hubble Moments
Last Word on Nothing (Thomas Hayden): Ixnay on the iPod: In Praise of Crap Technology
Last Word on Nothing (Ann Finkbeiner): LWON & Closed-System Sibling Knowledge
Last Word on Nothing (Heather Pringle): Caviar for the Dead
Last Word on Nothing (Virginia Hughes): Women’s Work
Last Word on Nothing (Thomas Hayden): The Mystery of the (Not) Missing Fathers
Last Word on Nothing (Christie Aschwanden): Summer of Smoke

Life is Short, but Snakes are Long: The snakes that eat caviar

Life Traces of the Georgia Coast: Georgia Life Traces as Art and Science

Listen to Us!: Moby the Manta Ray

Literally Psyched: Our Storytelling Minds: Do We Ever Really Know What’s Going on Inside?

Lithics: Fault Dynamics 101

Magma Cum Laude: This is what a geologist looks like

Making Science Public: GM food, war metaphors and the perils of political entrenchment
Making Science Public: Making science policy public: Exploring the pitfalls of public protest
Making Science Public: Carbon and energy/publics and politics
Making Science Public: Making neuroscience public: Neurohype, neuroscepticism and neuroblogging
Making Science Public: Making science (in) public: What we can learn from museums
Making Science Public: Hype, honesty and trust
Making Science Public: Languages of uncertainty
Making Science Public: Waiting for gate-gate
Making Science Public: Not God but Goldilocks? Musings about particle communication
Making Science Public: On seeing, science, and society
Making Science Public: ‘See through science’

Mental Floss: On Sticking Your Arm Into an Underwater Cavern and Hoping a Catfish Bites You

Metageologist:`The Geology of Mount Everest

Micro To Tele: Can a sexually transmitted infection literally break your heart?
Micro To Tele: HistoQuarterly: PANCREAS
Micro To Tele: HistoQuarterly: LIVER
Micro To Tele: HistoQuarterly: LYMPH NODE
Micro To Tele: HistoQuarterly: VAS DEFERENS

Mississippi Fruit and Nut Blog: On Why Consumers Must Think for Themselves

Moments of Genius: Killing Creativity: Why Kids Draw Pictures of Monsters & Adults Don’t

My Growing Passion: When Plants Parasitise Fungi: myco-heterotrophy

Neurophilosophy: Sleights of hand, sleights of mind

Neurotic Physiology: Do you love Science? Well, that depends, do you like sleep?
Neurotic Physiology: Friday Weird Science: Does your menstrual blood attract BEARS?!
Neurotic Physiology: Friday Weird Science: Laptops and WIFI are coming for your SPERM. Again.
Neurotic Physiology: Overeating and Obesity: Should we really call it food addiction?
Neurotic Physiology: Friday Weird Science: The Social Psychology of Flatulence

Next Scientist: How Writing A Science Blog Saved My PhD

Nottingham Science Blog: Interview : Eben Upton at Raspberry Pi
Nottingham Science Blog: The Birdies and Peanuts Experiment
Nottingham Science Blog: Public Lecture – Chris Lintott – Astronomer
Nottingham Science Blog: Interview : Prof Alfonso Aragón-Salamanca

Observations (Ferris Jabr): Animals Exposed to Virtual Reality Hold an Emergency Meeting

Oh, For the Love of Science!: Nothing Says Baby-Makin’ Like Desiccated Bacon

Open Chemical Information and Research: Kinase compounds polypharmacology can it be studied using Mol Wt & Lipophilicity

The Organometallic Reader: Ligand Field Theory & Frontier Molecular Orbital Theory

Oscillatory Thoughts: Automated Science, Deep Data, and the Paradox of Information

Powered by Osteons: From Birth to Burial: the Curious Case of Easter Eggs
Powered by Osteons: Childbirth and C-Sections in Bioarchaeology
Powered by Osteons: Line on the left, one cross each: Bioarchaeology of Crucifixion
Powered by Osteons: A Brief History of Bioarchaeology – Part I: America
Powered by Osteons: Lead Poisoning in Rome – The Skeletal Evidence

The Primate Diaries: The Good Fight
The Primate Diaries: The Joker’s Wild: On the Ecology of Gun Violence in America
The Primate Diaries: The Case of the Missing Polygamists

Providentia: That X-ray Vision
Providentia: Why Are People So Skeptical About Psychology?

Psych Your Mind: How the Rich are Different from the Poor I: Choice

PsySociety: Why Jersey Shore Won’t Make You Dumber: The Importance Of Responsible Science Journalism
PsySociety: If I Were A Well-Off White Man… I Might Not Understand Other People Very Well.
PsySociety: Algebra Is Necessary, But What About How It’s Taught?
PsySociety: Zombies and Volleyball: The Benefits of the Bystander Effect

Puff the Mutant Dragon: Do vaccines contain toxic chemicals?
Puff the Mutant Dragon: Confessions of a Creationist: the making of a serial killer
Puff the Mutant Dragon: Does beer make you blush? or, why “race” is a myth
Puff the Mutant Dragon: Death of a scientist
Puff the Mutant Dragon: Science on crack, 2: Walter White & cooking crystal meth

Quantum Diaries: Error Control in Science

Questioning Answers: When poo tells a story (and I’m not talking about Winnie)

Reciprocal Space: What’s your favourite colour?
Reciprocal Space: Sick of Impact Factors

Reportergene: Where are your cells from?
Reportergene: Packaging madness

Reporting on Health: What If Mental Illness is a Universal Experience? A Path Away from Stigma to Timely Treatment and Prevention

Research Through the Eyes of a Biochemist: Young scientists: Responsible researchers or political strategists?

RicochetScience: Engineering a Better Mosquito

Rule of 6ix: The ethics of vaccination

Running Ponies: Get on your bike, Phallostethus cuulong
Running Ponies: If only you could see yourself, Atretochoana eiselti

Safari Ecology: Why is the African Savanna so full of thorns?
Safari Ecology: Exercise like a lion!

Salamander Hours: Self-Diagnosis Affected by Online Symptom List Structure

The Scicurious Brain: Cocaine and the sexual habits of quail, or, why does NIH fund what it does?
The Scicurious Brain: It hurts so good: the runner’s high
The Scicurious Brain: You want that? Well I want it, too! The neuroscience of mimetic desire
The Scicurious Brain: Exercise doesn’t help depression? Let’s take a real look at that study.
The Scicurious Brain: STOP THE PRESSES! We cured heroin addiction.

Science Beach: Let the musical (r)evolution begin

Science Calling: Seeing through sound
Science Calling: The next chapter of apoptosis research
Science Calling: Living to the extreme
Science Calling: What is native?

Science. How hard can it be?: A tale of generations
Science. How hard can it be?: When we become nature’s mice.
Science. How hard can it be?: Remember when science was fun?
Science. How hard can it be?: Biology: Where the Red Queen rules

Science Is Everyone’s Story: The Health Cost of Black Women’s Hair Products
Science Is Everyone’s Story: Energy Journalism: Cleaning up the Numbers

Science left untitled: Cholera riots…!

Science Sushi: Evolution: The Rise of Complexity
Science Sushi: Time – and brain chemistry – heal all wounds
Science Sushi: The Joke Isn’t Funny – It’s Harmful

Scientific American Guest Blog (Cheryl Murphy): To Spot a Liar: An Offices of SciAm Mystery
Scientific American Guest Blog (Kara Rogers): Epigenetics: A Turning Point in Our Understanding of Heredity
Scientific American Guest Blog (Ricki Lewis): A Tale of 2 G-Spots
Scientific American Guest Blog (Paige Brown): The “Sustainability” Paradox–Interview with Paul Ehrlich
Scientific American Guest Blog (Pete Etchells): The PhD’s Guide to Academic Conferences
Scientific American Guest Blog (Amy Shira Teitel): Venus’ Transits through History
Scientific American Guest Blog (See Arr Oh): Cochineal Dye Bugs Starbucks Customers
Scientific American Guest Blog (Alexis Rudd): Singing Snails and Killer Whales: Parallels in Conservation
Scientific American Guest Blog (Deborah Blum): About Pepper Spray
Scientific American Guest Blog (Meera Lee Sethi): Internet Porn Fills Gap in Spider Taxonomy
Scientific American Guest Blog (Cheryl Murphy): Learning the Look of Love: That Sly “Come Hither” Stare
Scientific American Guest Blog (Cheryl Murphy): Music can change (the way we see) the world
Scientific American Guest Blog (The Dog Zombie): The Hearty Ingredients of Canis Soup
Scientific American Guest Blog (Paige Brown): Catalytic Clothing–-Purifying Air Goes Trendy
Scientific American Guest Blog (Melanie Tannenbaum): Trayvon Martin’s Psychological Killer: Why We See Guns That Aren’t There
Scientific American Guest Blog (Melanie Tannenbaum): If It Looks Like a Compliment, and Sounds Like a Compliment…Is It Really a Compliment?
Scientific American Guest Blog (Sam McNerney): A Brief Guide to Embodied Cognition: Why You Are Not Your Brain
Scientific American Guest Blog (Danica Radovanovic): Digital Divide and Social Media: Connectivity Doesn’t End the Digital Divide, Skills Do
Scientific American Guest Blog (Danica Radovanovic): Phatic Posts: Even the Small Talk Can Be Big
Scientific American Guest Blog (Harold Johnson): Too Good to Be True: Sea Mammals, Plastic Pollution and a Modern Chimera

The Scorpion and the Frog: The “Love Hormone” Pageant and The “Love Hormone” of 2012 fused into one.
The Scorpion and the Frog: Can a Horde of Idiots be a Genius? and Why This Horde of Idiots is No Genius fused into one.

SeaMonster: Twilight of the giants in taxonomy
SeaMonster: Biodiversity and the battle for Planet Earth: The graphic novel

Sifting The Evidence: Kitty and Phineas: Always print the legend?
Sifting the Evidence: Bath salts – does what it says on the tin?

Skulls in the Stars: François Arago: the most interesting physicist in the world!
Skulls in the Stars: The secret molecular life of soap bubbles (1913)

Social Dimension: New Ways to Measure Science
Social Dimension: The Fractal Dimension of ZIP Codes
Social Dimension: How to Evolve a Constant of the Universe
Social Dimension: The Inbreeding Coefficient of Superheroes

Southern Fried Science: If fish evolved on land, where did they all go? Evolution and Biodiversity in the Ocean
Southern Fried Science: The horrifying physiological and psychological consequences of being Aquaman
Southern Fried Science: The importance of being Aquaman, or how to save the Atlantean from his briny fate

Southern Limits: Seven Myths Deniers Use To ‘Debunk’ Peak Oil, Debunked

Space Age Archaeology: Valley of the Cable Ties: the material culture of the contemporary past

Speakeasy Science: Cough Syrup, Dead Children, and the Case for Regulation
Speakeasy Science: The Science of Mysteries: Instructions for A Deadly Dinner

Speaking of Research: A New Low at NIO: extremists threaten students

Squid A Day: Neurotoxins In Stranded Squid (With Bonus Rant About Academic Publishing)
Squid A Day: Why Aren’t Humboldt Squid Giant?

Starts with a Bang: So, you’ve learned that the Sun is going to explode…

The Starving Neuron: Fooled by the senses.
The Starving Neuron: 24 hours in the lab
The Starving Neuron: Bad behaviour
The Starving Neuron: Fooled by the senses.

The Story Collider: Science For Princesses
The Story Collider: Innocence (comic strip)
The Story Collider: A Lesson in Rocketry
The Story Collider: Motion-Induced Blindness

Student Voices (Kyle Hill): Skepticism And The Second Enlightenment
Student Voices (Kyle Hill): How We Represent Risk Isn’t Helping Medical Screening (And How To Change It)

Tangled Up in Blue Guy: Just a Reminder

This View of Life: There is Grandeur (Really)

Three-Toed Sloth: In Soviet Union, Optimization Problem Solves You

Tim Poisot’s blog: What should the next generation of ecological journals look like?

Token Skeptic: Eye-Witness To A Crime And Not Raisins – Reflections On The Bystander Effect In Helping Behaviour
Token Skeptic: The Special-Ness Of Species
Token Skeptic: Live-Blogging #ASC2012 – Monday Morning At The Australian Science Communicators National Conference

Trauma Recovery: Parents tell about their children’s recovery from trauma

The Trenches of Discovery: The War of the Immune Worlds

Universe: Footprints on the Moon

Universe Today: A New Look at Apollo Samples Supports Ancient Impact Theory
Universe Today: Is Earth Alive? Scientists Seek Sulfur For An Answer

Vintage Space: Apollo’s Youthful Glow

The Virtuosi: A Very Small Slice of Pi

Watershed Moments: Tree die-off in western North America
Watershed Moments: C is for Communication
Watershed Moments: Food, water & energy
Watershed Moments: Women in Science – Must we all be pioneers?

We Beasties: Allergies 101
We Beasties: Allergies 101 – Part deux
We Beasties: Allergies 101: Part the Third

Words in mOcean: I’m a marine biologist, but sometimes I wish that what I did sounded a bit less interesting…

Words, words, words: Autism, immunity, inflammation, and the New York Times

World Science Festival Blog (Kristopher Hite): One Gene to Rule Them All? The Trouble with Explaining Altruism
World Science Festival Blog (Kristopher Hite): E.O. Wilson’s Controversial Rethink of Altruism

Xylem: To save a spiky endangered shrub….

Yet Another Mathblog: Searching with lies, 1

Zoonotica: How do we know what causes an infectious disease? Part 1 and How do we know what causes an infectious disease? Part 2

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