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Anthropology in Practice

Editor’s Selections: Venereal Diseases Galore, Facebook Brains, and Subtitles

Ed Note: Part of my online life includes editorial duties at, where I serve as the Social Sciences Editor. Each Thursday, I pick notable posts on research in anthropology, philosophy, social science, and research to share on the News site. To help highlight this writing, I also share my selections here on AiP. [...]

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Molecules to Medicine

Prosecutorial Excess: A Pattern of Abuse

I continue on break from the UMN Markingson story as I try to make sense—although there appears none to be had—of the tragic death of Aaron Swartz. I am haunted and infuriated by the senselessness of his death and his persecution by overzealous prosecutors. I am also reminded of other witch hunts that were equally [...]

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Uganda embarks on bubonic plague prevention program

bubonic plauge buboes uganda

As reports of bubonic plague in the Democratic Republic of Congo have filtered into neighboring Uganda, the Ugandan government is taking preemptive action, according to Uganda’s Daily Monitor and reported by ProMED-mail. The Ugandan Ministry of Health has announced a plague prevention program, including spraying pesticides throughout the Arua and Nebbi districts, which have combined [...]

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Ambient Plagues Unleashed


Ambient Plagues have been unleashed upon my fair city of Toronto by Elaine Whittaker at the Redhead Gallery. The show opened September 4th, with the reception tomorrow, Friday the 13th if you’re inclined to mix superstitious luck with scientific microbial nightmares. Whittaker is a sculptor, encaustic painter and mixed media installation artist here in Toronto, [...]

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Reports of the Black Death’s death have been greatly exaggerated

These plague victims were excavated from the East Smithfield burial grounds between 1986 and 1988.

The plague bacteria that swept through medieval Europe had been declared extinct just over a month ago. A quick google search reveals articles with headlines such as ‘Medieval plague bacteria strain probably extinct’ and ‘Black death strain extinct’. Few writers mentioned that the original research on which they reported was a technical paper first and [...]

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