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Vilifying Parents Who Don’t Vaccinate Their Kids Is Counterproductive

Credit:  JD Hancock/Flickr

The ongoing measles outbreak in the U.S., which has spread to 14 states, has provoked a rising vilification of parents who refuse to vaccinate their children. This vilification is understandable, but it’s also potentially dangerous. Many who are being castigated aren’t changing their minds. Under attack, they are instead defending their choices more fiercely and [...]

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How Quickly Would Measles Spread If Too Few People Were Vaccinated? [Video]

A vial of the MMR vaccine and needles in a pile

This simulation models what 80 percent vaccination rates of school-age children would look like vs. 95 percent

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The Symbiartic SciArt Roundup: Exhibits On View Now


Our recent effort to galvanize people around great #sciart on Twitter was a raging success, proving to us that science art is growing by leaps and bounds. These scienceart exhibits are ones you can see in the flesh and are popping up all around the country. Get out and see them while you can! EXHIBITS: [...]

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