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The Lady and the Trump–without hungry puppies: The science of stray dog sterilization

Doing surgery in a tent on a tropical island is harder work than you’d think. It gets so hot that the sweat trickles from your surgical cap into your eyes, and when it rains on the tarp roof you can’t hear what your anesthetist is saying. I know this because I’ve worked on spay and [...]

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Molecules to Medicine

Plan B: My politically incorrect take on the news

Protest over Savita Halappanavar's death - separation of Church and State

Sometimes I feel like Alice in Wonderland, staring into distorting mirrors. The ongoing fight over Plan B has again precipitated this disquieting feeling. There is such a disconnect between some stated outcomes that are claimed as being desirable and actions that don’t support that. In this case, probably most people would agree that elective abortions [...]

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Molecules to Medicine

Molecules to Medicine: When Religion Collides with Medical Care: Who Decides What Is Right for You?

San Carlos Church-VinceAlongi

The recent presidential candidate debates, fights over insurance coverage for contraceptives, and the Virginia and Texas legislatures’ imposition of intrusive, unnecessary ultrasounds prior to any abortions are highlighting the fundamental issue of the role of religion in health care and the separation of Church and State. While the emphasis has been on reproductive care, the [...]

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Molecules to Medicine

Molecules to Medicine: “Conscience” Clauses versus Refusal: An Historical Perspective

The struggle between conscience and refusal, or individual rights vs. that of the community good, goes far back, and is not limited to reproductive choices. It also forms the foundation of civil rights rulings—prohibiting discrimination and segregation, and discrimination based on race or religion. Unfortunately, there are still ongoing battles regarding discrimination based on sexual [...]

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Molecules to Medicine

Molecules to Medicine: Plan B: The Tradition of Politics at the FDA

In my last post, I focused on flaws in the medical device approval process. The Union of Concerned Scientists’ “FDA at a Crossroads” meeting also covered problems with drug approval. This is perhaps no better illustrated than by the disappointing decision by Secretary of Health Kathleen Sebelius’ to deny the emergency contraceptive, Plan B, over-the-counter [...]

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Free Birth Control Access Can Reduce Abortion Rate by More Than Half

free birth control abortion unintended pregnancy

Earlier this year, the Affordable Care Act began requiring private insurance agencies to offer many contraceptives at no cost to consumers. This change was an effort to remove cost as an obstacle to women to choose to use birth control. It might also have the added benefit of reducing abortion rates, according to new research [...]

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