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To Patch a Visual Gap, Turn That Text Around

Fixation maps

Reader, be proud. You’re a perceptual expert. As you read, your eyes alternately focus and move along each line of text in a seamless sequence honed over years of practice. Reading, recognizing faces and distinguishing colors or musical tones are all forms of perceptual expertise. To appreciate the visual skill involved in reading, turn a [...]

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Human Brains Are Optimally Tuned for the Visual Hunt

eyes and brain work together to find search image

Why is it that most of us are able to track down the tiny sketch of a bespectacled cartoon man wearing a striped shirt and a funny hat—in the midst of a busy scene filled with distractions and look-alikes? Finding "Waldo" might be a tad tamer than hunting down a prehistoric dinner. But we can [...]

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