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Why We Are Not Getting Enough Sleep

Glorious, refreshing sleep is eluding the majority of Americans. According to the National Sleep Foundation’s 2013 International Bedroom Poll 56 percent of people between the ages of 25 and 55 get an insufficient amount of sleep on workdays. On non-workdays individuals are then more likely to oversleep. They spend an additional 45 minutes catching Z’s in [...]

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MIND Guest Blog

A Slacker Clock to Beat Jet Lag?

Clock image

In Around the World in 80 days, the protagonists faced a lifetime’s worth of calamities – failing suspension bridges, raids, abductions, hurricanes—but they were spared from one giant headache—jet lag. Jet lag is no doubt an unfortunately side effect of man’s dream of flight. While the occasional sleep disturbance may seem little more than a [...]

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