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The Calculus of Love


This post is something a little different from the usual.

I just spent an enjoyable few days filming for a BBC Horizon documentary on the modern story of black holes, and their role in galactic astrophysics (a tale told in part in my book Gravity's Engines). I also learned that the director, Dan Clifton, had recently made a wonderful short film called The Calculus of Love.

It's a story of science, obsessions, and of course love. The question is whether it's human love or the tormented love of an elusive mathematical truth. I'm not sure I've seen any movie, long or short, that so quickly pulls you into this kind of intense world as well as Calculus. Take a look and see what you think!

You can watch it here below, and get more information here.

THE CALCULUS OF LOVE from Dan Clifton on Vimeo.

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