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Life, Unbounded

Krugman’s Theory of Interstellar Trade

Are we all the same? (Credit. C. Scharf, original LeCire/Wikipedia)

Everyone needs a little light relief sometimes, including the Nobel winning economist and writer/blogger extraordinaire Paul Krugman. A few months back he reminded the world of a short paper he’d written some years ago on the rather unexpected topic of interstellar finance. You can teleport a copy to your automated reading device by clicking here. [...]

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Does Pi Encode Shakespeare’s Plays? [Video]

Yesterday was Pi Day (3.14, approximately), and appropriately enough comes this analysis of the irrational number by Vi Hart, a recreational “mathemusician” at Khan Academy. You might remember her from her viral video about love and self-delusion on the Mobius strip. In the video below, she explores—in seven sonnets—whether “Romeo and Juliet” and other of [...]

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