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Life, Unbounded

Saturn Is Alive, No CGI

Janus above Saturn (NASA/Cassini)

It seems that the Saturnian system just keeps on giving when it comes to amazing imagery. Of course it helps to have a $3 billion space mission in place like Cassini to record everything going on. From Saturn The Movie, to The Austere Beauty Of Other Worlds, and Raw Footage From An Alien World, I’ve [...]

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Who Owns Outer Space? [Video]

Nested Sequence 01.Still001

With the exception of international waters, unclaimed portions of Antarctica and a Hong Kong-sized parcel of land wedged between Egypt and Sudan, nearly every square inch of planet Earth has been claimed by a governing body. That leaves would-be colonists and conquerors with only one place to look: skyward. Although a 1967 United Nations treaty [...]

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