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Life, Unbounded

Mars Tinted Goggles

The same scene as it would appear on Earth (Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Malin Space Science Systems)

What would the landscapes of Mars look like under a different light? Getting an accurate visual sense of the rocks and minerals on the martian surface is important for a number of reasons. For science it’s critical that objects are correctly seen, especially in terms of colors. Spectral features help give compounds their optical fingerprints [...]

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SciArt of the Day: MicROCKScopica

Bernardo Cesare's MicROCKScopica - Ocean Jasper

Most people equate geology with dull, grey rocks, but petrology Professor Bernardo Cesare is tapping into their spectacular beauty with his MicROCKScopica project. Using a standard technique for analyzing mineral composition of rocks, Cesare cuts and grinds sections of rock into 30-micron-thick slices (that’s three-hundredths of a millimeter), mounts them onto microscope slides and shines [...]

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