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Life, Unbounded

The Moon Is Not Black And White, It Just Looks That Way

Apollo 17 (NASA)

Hands up if you think about the Moon in black and white? Yes – well, you’re not alone, and there’s actually good reason for you to, because the surface of the Moon is nearly devoid of strong colors in comparison to what we’re used to here on Earth. Someone (a junior member of my family) [...]

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Life, Unbounded

The Dirtiest Lunar Mystery Of All

It's filthy work, but someone has to do it...(NASA/Apollo)

                      There may be something funny going on with the stuff covering the Moon, and a new NASA mission launching next month is aiming to solve the mystery. Gaze up at a brilliant Moon in the night sky and it’s hard to imagine that our [...]

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Life, Unbounded

The Solar Eclipse Coincidence

Annular eclipse (Credit: sancho_panza)

When the Sun is eclipsed by the Moon this Sunday, for many observers across much of the world it will be temporarily replaced by a beautiful ring of fire – a brilliant annulus of stellar plasma just peeking out around the dark lunar disk. This doesn’t always happen, partial solar eclipses merely trim away a [...]

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