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Life, Unbounded

A Dragon in the Sky: Space X

Dragon capsule during 'fly-under' of ISS at a distance of 2.4 kilometers (May 24th 2012). Image taken from ISS (NASA). Click for bigger view.

As the docking attempt between the Dragon cargo vehicle and the International Space Station gets underway, here are some of the latest images, plus the LIVE stream to the Dragon/ISS docking at the bottom! [Note: recorded video of final moments of capture by ISS arm now added below] …and shortly before this fly-under took place [...]

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SpaceX Trying Again Early Tuesday to Reach International Space Station

Falcon 9 rocket on the launchpad

SpaceX’s history-making mission to the International Space Station is on hold, following a valve malfunction Saturday morning that caused a last-minute launch abort. But the California company says its rocket is now good to go and will be ready to launch in the early hours of Tuesday, May 22. If all goes as planned, SpaceX’s [...]

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YouTube Space Lab Winners’ Experiments to Fly on ISS

YouTube Space Lab Winners, Amr Mohamed, Sunita Williams, Dorothy Chen, Sara Ma

Two future experiments set to take flight aboard the International Space Station have some unusual creators: teenagers who won the first YouTube Space Lab video competition today, sponsored by YouTube, Lenovo and Space Adventures. Students around the globe entered two-minute videos describing their idea for tests to conduct in low-Earth orbit. Judges, including NASA, ESA [...]

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Student Experiments for the International Space Station

Students ages 14-18: Have a big idea for an experiment that can be done in space? Bring it! That is, describe it in a video and post it to YouTube Space Lab by December 14. Your idea might be one of two that will actually be built and flown aboard the International Space Station. You’ll [...]

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