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Jupiter sneaked up on asteroid belt, then ran away

An artist’s impression of a hot Jupiter exoplanet. Credit: {link url=“”}NASA{/link}

Mars has always been the toddler of the rocky planet family. With a radius half that of Earth’s and a mass just over one tenth of that of our planet, it is bigger than baby Mercury but not quite as grown up as Earth and Venus. Now it seems that some unruly behaviour on behalf [...]

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Life, Unbounded

Your Friendly Neighborhood Asteroid Swarm

(NEAR Project, NLR, JHUAPL, Goddard SVS, NASA)

The solar system is full of bits and pieces, remnants of its heyday of activity 4.5 billion years ago. Planets are the most noticeable fossil leftovers, with giant Jupiter being two and a half times more massive that the sum total of the other major worlds. There’s also a vast assortment of far smaller bodies, [...]

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