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Put your money where your citations are: a proposal for a new funding system

Funding agencies allocate funds for scientific research mainly based on peer-review of research proposals.  In 2010, more than 15,000 researchers peer-reviewed more than 55,000 proposals.  I think we can all agree that the current process is expensive and time-consuming. Now, the authors of a new article propose a new system that they believe will save [...]

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Molecules to Medicine

Rare Diseases – in Honor of Sam Berns

Sam Berns with Dr. Francis Collins at TEDMED2012

Two cases this week highlight some of the difficulties surrounding rare and orphan diseases. First, Sam Berns, age 17, just died from his progressive genetic disease, progeria, which causes very rapid and premature aging. Progeria affects 1 in 4 – 8 million newborns; less than 250 kids in the world are alive, making research very [...]

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Science Is the 99 Percent

AUSTIN—A regular feature of American Astronomical Society conferences is an evening lecture on the state of science funding. Let’s just say it’s not a great date night. There have been happy counterexamples, but usually you spend an hour and a half hearing about the latest budget cuts and walk out of the room in a [...]

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Stem cell research faces uncertain future after the elections

elections stem cell research funding

NEW YORK—With a Republican majority getting set to move into the House of Representatives in January—and fewer Democrats returning to the Senate—the upcoming lame-duck congressional session might be a key window for securing the future of stem cell research in the U.S. After a surprise August injunction—and the subsequent, still-in-effect stay—on federally funded stem cell [...]

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Scientific misconduct estimated to drain millions each year

calculating the cost of scientific misconduct

As speculation swirls around the status of possible investigations into research by the prolific Harvard psychologist Marc Hauser, a new study drills down to figure out the true cost of scientific misconduct. Neither Harvard nor the federal government, which has funded some of Hauser’s work that has been retracted or amended, has come forward with [...]

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