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Doing Good Science

Reasonably honest impressions of #overlyhonestmethods.


I suspect at least some of you who are regular Twitter users have been following the #overlyhonestmethods hashtag, with which scientists have been sharing details of their methodology that are maybe not explicitly spelled out in their published “Materials and Methods” sections. And, as with many other hashtag genres, the tweets in #overlyhonestmethods are frequently [...]

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Information Culture

When journal articles are hard to find

Tweet from @droenn: "I cited this paper because everyone else has cited it, even though onone has ever seen an actual copy #overlyhonestmethods"

This post is a re-worked and updated version of a post that appeared on my blog, the Undergraduate Science Librarian, in October 2011. One of the most fun sciencey things I’ve seen lately is the #overlyhonestmethods meme on twitter. This was a cathartic exercise for scientists to say out loud the things that influence how [...]

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