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Image of the Week

Image of the Week

What does music look like?

Image of the Week #95, June 10th, 2013: From: Ahhh, Music To My... Eyes? by Kalliopi Monoyios at Symbiartic. Source: Martin Klimas Most people who have heard of synesthesia have wondered what it would feel like for specific colours to evoke a scent, for sounds to evoke a touch. On Symbiartic, Kalliopi Monoyios features the sonic sculptures of Martin Klimas, perhaps the closest we can come to feeling synesthesia. Klimas creates works of complex and rich colour by placing paint on a surface stretched over speakers and amping the volume, and visually capturing the intricate results. Pictured here is Miles' Davis' Pharaoh's Dance. Follow the link to see more - fans of Massive Attack and Pink Floyd won't be disappointed.

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