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Image of the Week

Image of the Week

Glass Viruses

Image of the Week #84, March 18th, 2013: From: You've never really seen a virus until you see this by Kalliopi Monoyios at Symbiartic. Source: Luke Jerram With the precision and deadly beauty of a mushroom cloud, Luke Jerram's glass sculpture of HIV evokes both horror and the feeling of appreciating something for aesthetic geometry alone. This is sculpture far beyond geometric minimalism or post-modern material-play: Jerram has us gaze at the beast in stunning clarity, in a medium chosen in part by the artist's color-blindness. In an interview with Symbiartic's Kalliopi Monoyios, Luke Jerram shares a letter about this sculpture from a person with HIV, and it too is beautiful and chilling. Check out Monoyios's interview You've never really seen a virus until you see this, follow the artist on Twitter @lukejerram and check out the rest of his links and shop for more compelling sculptures based on graphs, the wind and viruses.

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