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Dynamic Grace from Static Fossils


Tiktaalik reconstruction (C) Kalliopi Monoyios


From: Scientists Discover the Very First Hipster

Source: Kalliopi Monoyios

While photography is often the preferred way to document scientific phenomena, there’s an area where scientific illustration rules: the fossil record. Scientific American Blogs’ own Kalliopi Monoyios has been documenting Tiktaalik with Neil Shubin’s lab since the beginning, seeing

The composition of Monoyios’s illustration is one of movement: the graceful bottom skimmer contrasts with the dynamic thrust of the Tiktaalik who seems to be regarding us with a commentary of small, capable teeth. The emphasis on left-to-right and vertical movement in this illustration not only appears graceful, it serves to highlight locomotion. Locomotion is the center of the latest discovery: a ball and socket hip joint.

There’s no doubt Tiktaalik has been a charming creature for science-fans since its debut. Each time there is more to learn about this compelling animal, Kalliopi Monoyios has more compelling illustrations to show us.

-Glendon Mellow


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