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Image of the Week

Drown Your Town

Image of the Week #113 October 24 2013Good-bye Austin Texas. 168m of Sea Level Rise, by Andrew David Thaler using Google Maps.

From: Drown Your Town: what does your hometown look like with sea level rise? by David Wogan at Plugged In.

Source: Andrew David Thaler

Amid a couple of harrowing weeks in the science blogging community, a madcap and dastardly plan was hatched by the Southern Fried Scientist, Andrew David Thaler.
Using Google Maps and a wicked sense of fun, Thaler took people’s city + Sea Level Rise suggestions and tweeted the results with the hashtag #DrownYourTown. The results, many gathered together by by David Wogan on Plugged In, show frightening dystopias and gentle Venetian style canals in some unlikely places.

In addition, Thaler (@SFriedScientist on Twitter) has posted instructions on how to drown your town on Google Maps. Bwa ha ha!

The views expressed are those of the author and are not necessarily those of Scientific American.

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