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Last week at Symbiartic, Katie McKissick introduced us to some of our furry friends’ interiors with Beautiful on the Inside. Featuring X-rays of a dog, cat, ferret, and guinea pig, she gave us a glimpse into the inner workings of man(and woman!)’s best friends.

On the above X-ray of Ziggy the guinea pig, you’ll notice some bubbles in his abdominal area. Those are gas pockets–evidence of the guinea pig’s very active gastrointestinal tract.

-Katie McKissick


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Glendon Mellow About the Author: Glendon Mellow is a fine artist, illustrator and tattoo designer working in oil and digital media based in Toronto, Canada. He tweets @FlyingTrilobite. You can see Glendon's work-in-progress at The Flying Trilobite blog and portfolio at Follow on Twitter @symbiartic.

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