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What does music look like?

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Image of the Week #95, June 10th, 2013:

From: Ahhh, Music To My… Eyes? by Kalliopi Monoyios at Symbiartic.

Source: Martin Klimas

Most people who have heard of synesthesia have wondered what it would feel like for specific colours to evoke a scent, for sounds to evoke a touch. On Symbiartic, Kalliopi Monoyios features the sonic sculptures of Martin Klimas, perhaps the closest we can come to feeling synesthesia. Klimas creates works of complex and rich colour by placing paint on a surface stretched over speakers and amping the volume, and visually capturing the intricate results. Pictured here is Miles’ Davis’ Pharaoh’s Dance. Follow the link to see more – fans of Massive Attack and Pink Floyd won’t be disappointed.

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  1. 1. N a g n o s t i c 12:15 pm 06/11/2013

    So, music looks like Blue Man Group.
    I already didn’t know that.

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  2. 2. OXYMAN 2:27 pm 06/11/2013

    I recall telling my pals while we were into a LSD trip that the street lights were smelling like fruits and the rainbow bright rim around the light (like you see around the sun) was pulsating with the electricity. Long time ago. I used to make comments like, smell the bass ! From a song.

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  3. 3. rshoff 10:46 pm 06/11/2013

    Yes, that looks like an instance of music, frozen in time. Absolutely!

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  4. 4. Gomro 9:24 pm 06/14/2013

    It is very beautiful. I have been digitally painting my own synaesthetic impressions for some years; no one can capture it exactly, but this technique is a clever way of approximating the experience.

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  5. 5. verdai 1:36 pm 06/15/2013

    nothing so static or bounded could look like music, believe me, since music comes into and goes out of the universe like magic or dark matter, all the time. Music looks like the nebulas.

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  6. 6. Caillebotte 9:38 am 06/20/2013

    This is ridiculous. These images have nothing to do with the actual purpose pr “essence” of music, merely the generic physical force of the driver in the speaker (hence why he colored the paints differently, or these would all essentially look the same). One analogy I can think of is that it is similar to if you were to put a package in the back of a delivery truck, ram the delivery truck through a brick wall, and then claim that the formation of the bricks scattered around somehow told you something about the package in the truck. True, the mass of the package would have contributed in some way to the force that created the result, but it tells you nothing specific about the dimensions of the package, let alone what was inside. The result is interesting from an aesthetic viewpoint, but the “music” element is purely a gimmick and the same results could have been achieved via any sort of force.

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