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Roland in the squat

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Image of the Week #87, April 15th, 2013:

From: Roland: Children’s Group Home to Drugs to Jail … Now What? by Cassie Rodenberg at The White Noise.

Source: Roland in the squat by Chris Arnade

For several months now, Cassie Rodenberg has been chronicling the lives of people with addictions living in Hunts Point, Bronx. In telling their stories, Rodenberg’s tremendous writing has been equalled by photography by Chris Arnade. Roland in the squat is an apt example of how Arnade’s imagery gives us a glimpse of people living with struggles that can be hard to imagine from the outside. Roland’s face, lit in chiaroscuro by his lighter seems to echo the statement, “I have potential but I don’t know how to use it,” that Roland relates about his life, and his chances without treatment after jail time. The distance through the drywall is not so far.

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