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The Sharksucker’s suckers

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Image of the Week #78, February 5th, 2013:

From: How the sharksucker got its suction disc by Becky Crew at Running Ponies.

Source: Dave Johnson

The unassuming remora, commonly known as the sharksucker, was given credit for almost 2000 years for slowing down ships because of the strength of its grip. This myth was ultimately abandonned but the origins of its suction apparatus still fascinated scientists. Becky Crew recounts the myths and the answer to the suction disc mystery in her post, How the sharksucker got its suction disc.

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  1. 1. Quinn the Eskimo 3:09 am 02/9/2013

    The source of the giant sucker is easy! Originally, the sharksucker species worked at the IRS.

    See? Easy!

    Link to this

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